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SOFT and FRAGRANT skin up close

from the editor: Get the “Oh you smell so nice” after the kiss-kiss hello.  As we count down the last precious days to cooler weather, keep your summer fresh scent going.  There’s nothing like getting close to soft and fragrant skin.  Forego the traditional fragrance a little longer, and moisturize with a scent.  Here are four favorites that I’ve been trying out through the mid-summer heat, humidity, and the last few cooler days.  I’m planning on extending my summer scent a little longer…

L'eau D'Issey moisturizing body creme

My favorite surprisingly was L’eau D’Issey creme hydratante pour le corps body cream.  The fragrance is more floral than the typical fragrances I wear, and it had a stronger than usual perfumed scent for a moisturizer.  I used it sparingly on the neck, arms, shoulders as a fragrance.   The result? the “you smell so nice” every time I had it on and got close to say hi.  This takes the place of a fragrance, and allows for a little flirt with a scent – reserved only for close calls.  Love it! the bonus prize is that it actually makes your skin super soft.  Hint: it’s a little too much all over the body, use sparingly. (at Macy’s)

LAURA MERCIER verbena body skin care FashionDailyMag

Another awesome discovery is the LAURA MERCIER verbena dry oil body mist.  This formula infused with coconut water is amazing… absorbs quickly and makes your skin soft instantly without a residue.  Perfect for a last minute refresher and softener. The citrusy fragrance is fresh and uplifting, and helps my mood perk up to positive fast.  This one is also a stronger than usual moisturizer fragrance, and can be used in place of a fragrance or with just a little hint of additional scent.  Again, use sparingly – I like this one on the legs and a bit on the shoulders for a perk.

KORRES Japanese Rose body butter smells like vacation.  Though I’m not sure what destination it reminds me of exactly, the rich herbal and natural fragrance screams sweet summer.  The rich formula is hydrating, and leaves a scent and feel of after beach over moisturized skin. Wonderfully smoothing, this creme does have a scent that stands on its own, so use it in place of fragrance all over the body- but don’t add a fragrance too.

lavanila korres body butter summer skin FashionDailyMag

The winner for the super dry summer skin fix with a light scent is LaVanila vanilla grapefruit body butter.   The all natural formula is extremely hydrating, and the fresh fragrance is light.  No harsh chemicals in this moisturizer, and the scent is gives off a sweet brush of summer.    Compliments a light summer fragrance now, and can extend the summer mood through the fall used just as a body nourishing creme.

There’s no reason to say goodbye to summer so quickly, carry on the scent of sunny times a little longer. SOFT and FRAGRANT skin up close written by Brigitte Segura.

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