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Beauty Resolutions: SMOOTH legs summer ready

The time has come to break out the tanks, shorts, and swimsuits. Summer has finally arrived! The question is – are your legs summer ready? A couple of steps to show off the legs while they look a little “light”.  Tone the legs, get a close shave, add a little sun kissed glow.

First things first, get a close shave! it’s hair removal time. Get rid of that layer of hair you’ve been hiding under long pants all winter and part of this cool spring. Let’s be honest, it takes a mighty good razor  to reverse the effects of a relaxed shaving routines.  Try (800razors) woman’s 5-blade razor which has ceramic-coated blades and a lubricating aloe strip for ultra silky legs, at a fraction of the usual store price.  The up side of these, they are way cheaper –  (um, 12 cartridges for $25)… the  downside is they are  a little more delicate than the usual drugstore specials. The blade can fall off a bit easier, and the smoothening film strip melts faster than the alternative. But for a way close shave and razor-burn free legs, who can complain? and- American made.

HM GISELE SUMMER fashiondailymag sel 1

Second, keep up with the tone up and get rid of some of the unsightly bumps.  Here’s a few options to fight the cellulite or just get a smoother “look” without a visit to the Dermo.  Check out more anti-cellulite treatments we recommend here.

Get Sun-kissed – Get the faux glow with a nice self-tanner. These days, we have so many options from creams, to sprays, to mousses. The options are plentiful and whatever you choose, the goddess-like radiance will make your smooth legs look picture perfect. Find what kind of tanner works best for you and get your glow on! Make sure you are well-shaved before, though. When there is still a bit of stubble it may interfere with the consistency of the coverage you get! more self-tanning options we recommend here. Beauty Resolutions: SMOOTH legs summer ready written by Bianca Scherrei.

Photo Credit:  Gisele Bundchen in HM summer swim,