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SKI style for the slopes

After the last week of the freezing weather in NYC, SKI essentials were on our mind! If you’re thinking of venturing into the mountains for a winter break, you may already be packing your bags, but just what should you be packing? Ski and cold weather clothing for  is dictated as much by functionality as it is fashion, and it is essential that you choose items that are going to keep you warm.

No need to sacrifice style though… there are many designers and stores that are happy to bridge that elusive gap between style and practicality this winter. Get stylish on the slopes,  check out some fall | winter favorites to inspired from the runway.

A little ski style 411:  More than being simple, functional garments, skiwear has become quite the niche in the fashion world, allowing items to transcend the boundaries of practicality. This rise in the fashion stakes is mostly owing to the emergence of skiing as a desirable lifestyle activity; skiing is no longer simply for the snow sport enthusiast or adrenalin junkie, and more people are choosing to sample the après-ski on their winter break.

The basis for the majority of skiwear can be found in practicality, dating back to the sport’s origins in Scandinavia hundreds of years ago. Skiwear has always been warm yet breathable and moveable, allowing skiers and snowboarders to stay warm on the slopes while retaining flexibility. Skiwear is also often associated with gaudy colors and expensive fabrics, thanks, in the most part, to the sport being a pastime of the rich and sporty. Skiwear has, however, always hovered on the margins of fashion, and you can trace its journey through the decades; from heavy knitwear and tweed skirts to the vibrant pantsuits of the 80s, skiwear has become as adaptable as the clothes we choose to wear every day.

Staying stylish on the slopes:  Getting ready for another cold winter couldn’t be easier, with numerous stores now choosing to sell ski jackets, pants, and other accessories to ensure you stand out on the slopes, as well as closer to home. Trends set to dominate the slopes in 2015 include onesies, which have been around for a little while now. Used as much as cozy leisurewear as nightwear, onesies are a great way to keep warm on the slopes, nestling under waterproof outer layers to provide insulation. Onesies also look fabulous once you’re off the slopes and are a convenient way to keep the chill out as you head to the après-ski.

Leather ski pants are also set to hit the big time this ski season, giving enough warmth without disrupting movement. Sick of skiwear being dominated by pantsuits? Insulated skirts have been spotted this year, proving that fashion knows no bounds when it comes to hitting the slopes. In terms of color, the bolder the better; bright patterns and block colors are essential for looking good, as well as ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Staying fashionable on the slopes this year couldn’t be easier, with winter style becoming bigger than ever across the country. There is so much more to skiwear than merely keeping warm these days, and it’s only right that you should treat yourself to a few extra items for your suitcase. SKI style for the slopes written by Sarah Freiseis.

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