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RUNWAY inspiration for interiors

Fashion + design: Interior designers draw inspiration from many places,  and lately they have been turning even more to the world of fashion. Colors and patterns shown on the catwalk are being incorporated more into the style palettes of our homes.

Why use fashion trends in the home?

By using patterns and colors that are bang on-trend in the fashion world,  your home has a  fashionable vibe too.  Not only that, but by following a trend, you will find it easier to buy items in the stores that match your personal style and the bonus? Items that are on-trend are usually available at a better price.

Roksanda Ilincic spring 2014 yellow FashionDailyMag


How about that lemon shade? A great example of how the fashion world has influenced interior design is the the lemon sorbet shade for sweaters, jackets and even pale lemon wedding dresses – has resulted in homes being painted in this soothing, neutral color. In terms of patterns, a recent trend for women’s fashion to be made in a retro 70s style has seen large floral and graphic prints used on wallpaper and fabrics.

Creating the designer home

Once you decide to use fashion-inspired colors and patterns in your decor, you need to plan out what your home will mean to you. Forget the budget for the moment and instead focus on what design elements you find most pleasing. For inspiration, have a walk or drive around your neighborhood, checking out the properties to see which architectural design you like, such as window shutters or a particular color for the paintwork. Next, you need to work out the kind of interiors will perform best for you and your family. For example, do you have kids and pets? If so, wooden floors may be a better choice than carpets as they are easier to clean.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA paperless spring tartan plaid | FashionDailyMag 3Decorating the interior

One thing every designer home has in common is a unified theme. Everything in the room is there for a purpose, whether it is practical or aesthetic and every item ties in with another. To use fashion as your inspiration, you could, for example, decide that you want a minimalist theme for your home. A simple black and white style could be just the thing, as seen in 60s inspired women’s fashions. Choose soft furnishings in black and white and hang monochrome pictures with black frames set against white walls.

MAISON KITSUNE fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 2

Fashion clothing often uses bright and bold colors and there is no reason why you cannot use them in your interior style; the trick is not overdoing it. Strong colors can be used to make a feature of something, such as a wall or a defined seating area. Remember too that lighting can be used to great effect if it is positioned to illuminate dark corners.

If redecorating an entire interior to reflect current tastes is too big a project for you, you could always concentrate on soft furnishings and other movables. This makes it easy for you to swap them out when the next big fashion style comes along. RUNWAY inspiration for interiors commentary by Sarah Freiseis.

photo credits:

oscar de la renta | paperless

Roksanda Ilincic by fashionwirepress

yellow sweater girl by Maison Kitsune

more yellow inspiration here