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ROSEROS limited-edition by DIPTYQUE and KUNTZEL + DEYGAS

ROSEROS a harmony of dialogue in contrast: ROSE is the delicate fragile pink rose and EROS, the fierce RED rose…  by brigitte segura.

french illustrators KUNTZEL & DEYGAS bring to life the glamorous characters of DIPTIQUE’s ‘beauty and the beast’ with the sound of ROSEROS by BERTRAND BURGALAT and APRIL march created by Pascal Mounet celebrating the intoxicating scent of ROSEROS by Diptique, a special V-day limited edition.. diptique ROSEROS on FDM the ROSE and EROS pink and red at
BERTRAND BURGALAT and APRIL MARCH ROSEROS on itunes.comFANCIFUL, COLLECTIBLE, forgettable’: DIPTYQUE ROSEROS limited edition candle DUO : Like a song with echoing voices, two fragrances intertwine to create a new melody.  a dialogue Revealing and releasing each other at once. The boxes feature two logo spaces that embrace to form a heart, Nothing less than musical harmony.  Kuntzel + Deygas illustrate naturally in DUOs:  their lovable CAPERINO & PEPERONE sassy dog set have kept us smiling for years…’Creating two candles that go together is also the start of a conversation… One responds to the other and vice-versa’ available at COLETTE france + BARNEYS new york + DIPTIQUE, watch Kuntzel + Deygas Roseros by diptyque Paris ROSEROS song BERTRAND BURGALAt APRIL MARCH on itunes

about KUNTZEL & DEYGAS a tandem that naturally designs duos, Their brilliant and recognizable creations lie on the border of art and fashion… like FAVEs Caperino & Peperone we’ve LOVED and chatted about on FDM .   In 2009, characters Belle & Bête met diptyque in a duo of violets, and in 2011, they became EROS and ROSE united this time in a musical songbook entitled Roseros.  the ROSEROS creation blossoms in in a song Kuntzel + Deygas Roseros by diptyque Paris from diptyque Paris on Vimeo.To make a new creation blossom, Kuntzel+Deygas asked songwriter Pascal Mounet — whose imagination sparks their own — to write a song.  ROSEROS by BERTRAND BURGALAT and APRIL MARCH available at itunes

FIND ROSEROS by DIPTIQUE kuntzel + deygas at COLETTE france + BARNEYSnew york + DIPTIQUE, watch  Kuntzel + Deygas Roseros by diptyque Paris video