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ROCK a Pelleve facial for a new younger day

Seriously great options with a new generation of FACIALs to help reverse years of damaging effects on your skin. Makeup and rejuvenating creams are great, but they don’t treat problems from the core. There’s been a lot of talk about cosmetic procedures as a means of obtaining tight and fresh skin. Botox used to be the common go-to, but now with new technologies available at the dermotologist and the plastic surgeon’s office,  some great results are accessible using safer, non-surgical methods. Our editor Brigitte visited Dr. Z Paul Lorenc, a specialist in facial rejuvenation and ZO Skin Health Faculty Member recently at his private practice uptown to check out what new and newsworthy to give the skin a boost.

The original plan was for Brigitte  to try out a Forever Young BBL facial, which helps reduce and eliminate brown spots and red vessels in addition to tightening the skin… she thought, why not give it a go… Here’s where the difference between the local spa and a professional’s office comes in:

Initially, Dr. Z Paul Lorenc’s aesthetician,  Carissa gave Brigitte a little exam using a device called the Visia which photographs the face from 3 different angles and uses 3 different light filters to identify issues both on the surface and just below the surface of the skin.

And here’s what I learned, and got out of the treatments- Brigitte

After inspecting the Visia face pics that look like maps (scary!), Dr. Lorenc’s aesthetatition determined that my brown spots were not an issue , and doing this facial would have reverse effects on my skin.  Yay! I kind of got a “not bad” grade as my skin is apparently in the 70th percentile (70% of women have worse skin damage than me!  ) yay – so the diligent skin care routine has actually paid off, and so we explored some other options.

We ended up doing a mini Hydrafacial and a Pelleve treatment.  Here’s the 411:

The Hydrafacial treatment is a full detox on the skin. It cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates all in one procedure. The wand used acts as a vacuum to remove all of the toxins lodged in your skin. It is comparable to a microdermabrasion, the difference is this facial is completely non-invasive. The Hydrafacial does a great job cleansing the skin as well as smoothening out the texture and tones, and safe for all skin types, too.

Now for the major:  Pelleve uses Radio Frequency for tightening, wrinkle reduction, and collagen production. The device used generates heat in order to stimulate collagen growth, to help make skin look fabulously youthful- but note, this is NOT a one session miracle.  It’s  a multi-session procedure, with a recommendation of 4 monthly treatments, then 2 for maintenance, with results beginning to appear after the 3rd session, within 90 days.  Each session stimulates more and more (of your own) collagen growth so the results keep getting better, but not until you do at least 3 sessions- then the 4th, then maintain.

So what’s so great about it?  First of all,  the Pelleve treatment stimulates your own collagen growth so no weird oversized lumps (think weird lips on some celebs).  The second  is that it’s not “spot treatments”- the entire face gets an even smooth over – unlike a “BO” injection or filler.  Third, there is no down time, no redness, no discomfort, and the treatment is so relaxing you will feel like someone gave you a massage after. I fell asleep in the waiting room at my next appointment – no joke.

And my favorite bonus?  Somehow the treatment has this temporary (up to 7 day) bonus.  Your face will look fuller, smoother, and (look 10 years younger) picture ready right when you leave the office.  It’s not that you have miraculously produced collagen in 30 minutes or an hour, but the process just plumps the skin to a smooth. Perfect for a weekend wedding, or what may be more my flavor –  a pre- fashion week freshen up bonus.  The treatments are not your usual facial prices, and are about $750 a pop, but for long term benefits of collagen with the bonus perk of fabulous, it seems like the right price to invest in your future.

The idea of having a one-on-one sort of medical and “chillax” treatment with no interruptions is more than amazing.   Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc’s office is quiet, private, and extremely professional. Who would have thought walking into a plastic surgeon’s office for a facial was a possibility? yes, and a fabulous one too. There’s a whole new world serious facials out there, and yes, I’m game. ROCK a facial for a new younger day commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by  Bianca Scherrei.

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