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Roaming to Russia in SINDUSTRIES

GSUS Sindustries snatched spring brights and transitioned them into their Fall | Winter 2013 Russian Dandy collection. 3 style stories collapse into one look for the cooler season: militarism, folklore, and the Dandy. Head-to-toe prints were enticing-look closely and they appear as camo, while after taking a few steps back, flowers appear to bloom.Carrying the floral theme over into the other looks, the folklore tale sprung to life by referencing decadent Russian Khokhloma trays.

Although, this isn’t your feminine, flirty print since the dark hues forayed the bouquets into opulent, “baroque” territory. Rounding out the trio, the “Dandy” meant a raised tweed print, which harkened back to another icon, the Kremlin.   For the women’s wardrobe, basics got an update with the long and lean silhouette. Suits journeyed out of the office, in an array of top-to-bottom colors and fabrics. Yet the prints were soothing, not overbearing, in florals and solids in mustard, ruby red, and onyx. Swinging skirts provided a momentary girlier look, but when placed in tweed and a matching blazer, the GSUS woman sustains her strength. Also, a kaleidoscope of colored denim gave an understated freshness to the cooler season.

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The GSUS Sindustries man is no wallflower, since aw13 brought even more prints for the guys than gals. Menswear kept the silhouette basic, but added a variety of bright hues and fabrics that will standout come Autumn. GSUS turned tradition on it’s head-literally-by adding a flipped Kremlin on a slouchy sweatshirt. Quilted button-downs underneath a knee-length coat with matching fabric also shook up closet basics in a new way. Whether it’s a two-tone crimson suit, or masculinized take on the women’s floral suit, the fall man is definitely a showstopper. A cuffed denim in a variety of GSUS washes resulted in modern classics that are here to stay. Revolutionaries are label’s inspiration, as the jean’s namesakes such as ‘The Da Vinci’ and ‘The Einstein’ hint to the brand’s groundbreaking denim discoveries. For guys, the Russian Dandy motif was represented through the fresh “Herringbone” style, while the “Spot’N Denim” feature gives a worn touch that makes each piece unique. Even men can continue their eye-catching look into the night, as the new “Light My Denim” and “Towel Tough’ treatments makes the denim appear to glow. Whether it’s sunup or sundown, GSUS Sindustries will definitely make its mark. Written by Mary Anderson.