RICI for a SUMMER hair fix

Not all curls are created equal, with RiCi Products gravity-defying coils will get the special treatment they deserve. We like this product product because it doesn’t make your curls extra curly, or try to straighten the wave. Instead, it’s a little of both. waves + curls for a modern summer ‘beachy’ hair look- and a little rock and roll without the kinks. Manageable, moisturized curls are possible with the sulfate-free RiCi Splash Shampoo that cleanses hair without the fear of dryness. Whether rinsing out or using as a leave-in conditioner, follow up with the RiCi Drench Conditioner that gives definition and a shiny dazzle. Complete your hair regimen with the RiCi Velvet Smooth Serum that provides glistening, gentle locks while decreasing frizz. After incorporating these few products, curly hair will bounce back better than ever. written by Mary Anderson.


backstage photo: diesel black gold ss12

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