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REVIVE your hair for cold weather

By now it’s obvious that the cold weather has an effect on skin but were you aware that it also dries out your hair and scalp? All the products you keep loading on your your hair isn’t going to help either.  Let your locks loose and nourish them with a botanical system by Tammy Fender. You’ll be quite pleased with the hydrating and “bounce back” results- even in the cold windy weather that has suddenly appeared from nowhere.

The Omega Rich Hair Cleansing Creme is great for all types and really penetrates hair at the root so you end up with a lot of volume at the crown.  Now this shampoo might take some getting used to,  because there’s no lather in this one.  But don’t freak out because we’ll let you in on a little secret: no lather almost always means no sulfates, which is the case with this cleansing creme and that’s a good thing! You won’t miss lathering at all once you get a feel of your lustrous hair after. One of the best things about it is that it rejuvenates your hair back into its natural state. Girls with curls, rejoice! You’ll be able to keep you hair bouncy and healthy.

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Once your hair is squeaky clean it’s time to tackle those tangles.  The Omega Rich Hair Moisturizer locks in moisture and conditions to create silky soft volume. It’s packed with nutrients that promote healthy hair growth and it tackles a major winter scalp issue, dandruff! Cold air dries the skin atop your head out and that potentially leaves you with an itchy flaky scalp. That’s all taken care of with this creamy conditioner. This dynamic duo will provide your mane will all the nourishment it needs. You might be freezing this season but at least your hair will look great.

Don’t leave your hair out in the cold this winter. Moisturize and condition with something that will bounce your hair back from damage and all the products you’ve been loading. REVIVE your hair for cold weather. Written by Andrea Porro.


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