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Raleigh Denim ss13 NYFW

For their Spring Summer 2013 collection, Raleigh Denim showcased the dualities of denim.  Rather than manipulating the denim in a heavyweight, the fabrics used were treated lightweights, taking shape in everything from collars to casual trousers to skinny jeans. The seasonal staple was reintroduced with a new lightness as a denim button-down shirt that peeked out underneath a blazer. Although denim was the central focus across the collection, senses of it took place on pieces absent of the material throughout the presentation.


A V-neck A-line dress dipped in the blue was reminiscent of the faded classic jean fabric. As floral prints, hunter green, and salmon splashed on looks, they transported the wearer out of everyday routines and into a paradisal coastal seaside-topped off with sleek straw hats. Yet you can go from perusing the lakeside to partying on the streets by rocking the pin-striped skirts and shirts, which revealed the versatility of the looks. Underlying androgyny existed within the collection, as any girl could easily throw on any of the guy’s jackets on a brisk spring day. The RALEIGH spring 2013 collection demonstrated southern hospitality through the light fabrics while city-slicker silhouettes took shape through the clean lines.

DESIGNER PROFILE | Raleigh Denim:Founders Sarah + Victor Lytvinenko source past sustainability for their future denim designs. Founded in 2007, the homegrown company is based in North Carolina and uses Cone Mill’s White Oak Plant-the same used by Levi’s Jeans-for producing their garments. The label is truly homespun since up to 90% of their material is made a few hundred miles from the North Carolina capital, while each label reads: produced by non-automated jean-smiths. They value the traditional methods in which denim was made early within the 20th century in North Carolina, and aim to carry that mentality within the next century and beyond. As each pair is signed by the founders before being shipped off, it shortens the gap between the seller and the shopper-making your denim experience even more personal. After growing from humble beginnings and initially beginning within their apartment, the founders eventually gained an appointment with Barney’s New York-ultimately thriving amid the economic downfall while majority of businesses were folding. For the designers, the “process is as important as the product,” showing how they value the structure of the fabric and are here to last. By never losing sight of their roots, Raleigh Denim has made heritage haute again. RALEIGH spring 2013 written by Mary Anderson. FdmLOVES selects from the presentation + lookbook edits |selects by Brigitte Segura.SS13 RALEIGH DENIM NEW YORK FASHION week fashiondailymag sel 1