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PRIDE 2017 rainbow highlights

CATCHING UP to the glorious and sunny Sunday in rainbow! While it feels like the entire city was out in the downtown area celebrating, we couldn’t help but notice all the fantastical outfits! from rainbow flags to sparkled gear, the L O V E + PRIDE message was evident in the city.

PRIDE 2017 NYC 3 brigitte segura FashionDailyMag 22_0091

While We were out and about to check out an NYCPRIDE performance and some ‘Sinful Colors’ glittery nail polish made just for the occasion, we just got into the groove of the post- parade celebration. The pride-happy clothes expressing unity fused with all the excitement and energy as well as singing and laughing led us to just follow the crowd and enjoy the colorful mood.

PRIDE 2017 NYC brigitte segura FashionDailyMag_0108

The colorful merchandise everywhere on the streets, with Pride Flags hanging on the window sills of different shop owners in the village helped amplify the celebratory day. One of the most obvious image of unity was the Pride colors on the double o’s visible on the Google HQ building sign in Chelsea.

PRIDE 2017 NYC brigitte segura FashionDailyMag 22_0092

As we made our way through the happy crowds, the passionate and fiery crowd took to the streets both proclaim and articulate their existence in UNITY. And this progress, awareness, tolerance, love and equality FOR all people regardless of personal life preferences, is what is truly unifies the spirit of this great city. Happy to be part of #Pride2017, #NYCpride, and #PRIDE2017.

PRIDE 2017 NYC brigitte segura FashionDailyMag 22_0096

PRIDE 2017 rainbow highlights commentary by Brigitte Segura.
Assistant: Matthew Boerleider.

PRIDE 2017 NYC brigitte segura FashionDailyMag_0100

photo credits:
Brigitte Segura // FashionDailyMag.
brigitte pics snapped by Matthew Boerleider.

PRIDE 2017 NYC brigitte segura FashionDailyMag_0101

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