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pre FASHION WEEK body cleanse

From the Editor: On my recent journey of getting healthier over the summer, and thanks to the suggestion of a dear healthy friend or 3, the topic of a ‘cleanse for the body’ came up on more than one occasion. My reaction? Um – yes, but no. No dieting for me, I’m already limited with my food intake of mostly vegetarian and gluten free – what exactly was left to cleanse? plus, I didn’t exactly need to to lose weight ~ but having a stronger, more toned, and healthier body WAS and is on my agenda.

I also wanted to clear my lungs of the over-construction and demolition dust and recent toxic fumes in my building after a fire. I embarked on the mission and took a look around at the variety pack at the whole foods, feeling even more confused after asking questions. Between looking at how long it takes, how and if it worked, what I need to supplement during the time used, what I was supposed to eat to make a cleanse work?  Plus, the suggestion at the store was ‘here’s the range, let’s look at the labels’.  Wasn’t convinced.  If I’m going to take the time to deprive myself of french fries for a couple of weeks and take a bunch of supplements, it had better be for a reason I can benefit from.

FASHION WEEK HEALTH CLEANSE susan eisen FashionDailyMag 3

I reached out to my holistic chiropractor, Dr. Susan Eisen, told her my concern, and spoke with her about my mission. Though I am a regular in her office when it comes to specific body issues like back pain, as well as some sinus issues, I hadn’t thought about the body cleanse situation.  To my delight, and after discussing my food and body combined with fast lifestyle concerns- as well as NOT starving myself as part of the necessary equation, she agreed to take on a custom designed regime with a limited time for a summer cleanse.

Dr. Sue explored some options and worked with a couple of herbal brands to make a bespoke cleansing + supplement plan for 10 days that would work with my lifestyle and eating habits, as well as keeping me healthy and nourished during the process. She created a regime using the base of the cleanse from one of the most legit USA companies who sources all local/organic, combed with other natural supplements.   Ingredients like organic rice protein powder, kale powder, beet fiber and other cleansing vegetarian fibers along with burdock root, milk thistle and Spanish Black Radish is what was designerd (and worked) for me. The target was a gentle detox to remove some of the recent and old toxins, helping my body handle the gluten intolerance better, and of course, my long term plan – to have better control of psoriasis outbreaks from stress.

The cleanse portion was mostly fruit shakes with vegetables 3x a day, utilizing some protein and nutrient powder. I was also able to eat as much fruit and vegetables as I wanted. I was surprised I wasn’t hungry at all, but I was missing my cheese, coffee, sugar and carbs for the first few days.  As any legitimate intervention would yield, I did have a foggy couple of days in the beginning – mostly from no coffee or sugar, and had a bit of a numb headache.

FASHION WEEK HEALTH CLEANSE susan eisen FashionDailyMag 3


Surprisingly, by the 4th day, I only got headaches in the afternoon, and though this was not in the agenda as OK, after discussing it with Dr. Sue, I opted for a bit of decaf in the afternoon , and was able to function at a more normal pace again for a few days. By the time it was the 7th day, I was so used to my diet and food intake – I didn’t really miss the junk I’ve been sneaking in all this time – nor was I hungry. However, I did start noticing a change in my body!

The change was as follows: a tad skinnier, trimmer. Now you may all think, what on earth would I want to drop weight for as a skinny girl? The answer is, it’s normal to lose a bit when you deprive yourself of the usual sugars including wine and carbs, and normally it’s just a temporary loss. This doesn’t mean you are going to put on all the weight after, it just means this isn’t going to miraculously keep you 10 lbs lighter when you go to town junking it up.  What was awesome and noticeable for me, is that my physique looked more trim – i.e. more toned, less flab showing, and can I say I noticed my body didn’t have any extra texture on the backside..  YES, this combo was helping remove the cellulite-ish texture by the 10th day, and I was noticing a more smooth shape overall on my body, including some muscle 6-pack action! ‘cause the junk hanging around kindof melted away. ENCOURAGING!

I was thrilled with is that I had an on-call herbalist that understood the ingredients and my reactions during the cleanse, and I could ask about everything going on. Though I had originally agreed to only 10 days (my doc knows I wouldn’t give up my fries that long), I was encouraged to go for the total 21 day treatment, especially after the visible results.

Considering how I felt by the 10th day, and the fact I was on a mini vacation, I opted to keep going. I did the 21 days, with some bits off track. Meaning, I did cheat a couple of times, but I didn’t give up. The result? check out my NYFWM pics. Glowing face, more svelt body with tone, a little 6 pack action, and a more toned bottom.

FASHION WEEK HEALTH CLEANSE susan eisen FashionDailyMag 1

Frankly, this WOW lasted at least a couple of weeks, even though I went back to my usual diet of fries and cheese and beveraging during the shows. What I did learn, though, is to cut back on the coffee, sugar, and cheese overall, and I think that’s a really helpful takeaway from the entire experience. Instead of talking about what is good or bad for me, I actually got used to not having it, so I crave it less- and hence, I’m just a tad healthier with my habits than before, and I still look better than I did before the cleanse. As far as the weight loss part of it, I only dropped about 3-ish lbs, but that’s pretty obvious on my physique. In total, I dropped down  3/4 lb. than my lightest weight, and it tapered off with me putting about 1 lb back on after.

The additional treat for me was the extra supplements that were targeted to cleanse and help with my skin reactions from both the gluten and psoriasis, and I am still continuing with this Bespoke herbal regimen, with no specific dietary restrictions. This cleanse has helped me detox – no more headaches from the toxic fumes and construction in my building, and less red visible outbreaks from my gluten and psoriasis triggers.

It’s important to note, however, that YES – your body is going through a process inside and out and it’s really not business as usual… meaning, no, don’t expect to be a rockstar worker bee with uber energy while your body is trying to eliminate your toxins. Try to take a few days off for the beginning of this.  A box of a cleanse + using random ingredients or powders you can purchase on line and in the health food stores aren’t the trick here – it’s the customized (and monitored) combo of cleanse, supplements, and a specific gluten free vegetarian diet that made this a winner for me.  The unlimited fruits + veggies may not work for your body, in case your needs require less sugars than I do. All of this is taken into consideration, and Dr. Sue can make a plan for you based on your body and needs!

So, my dear fashionable friends, stop complaining you don’t have great genes, and take charge of your body with a detox that isn’t too painful, under the supervision of a holistic practitioner that knows this foreign land of natural and herbal supplements. It’s pretty simple – you can have a consult on the phone or a personal consultation in her Park Ave location in NYC.  She will plan a regime for you, and be your on call person to check in with, so you can feel OK along the way. GO FOR IT, and get the pre-fashion week BOD now.

Dr. Susan Eisen, D.C. is located on 5th avenue, NYC. A consult + cleanse starts with ($450) including supplements!

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pre FASHION WEEK body cleanse written by Brigitte Segura.

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