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“On the Docks” featuring Jarrod Scott | GAULTIER Le Male

LeMale: 15 years ago, a historic kiss brought them together for the first time on screen. The beautiful girl [Classique] and her sailor [LeMale] are heroes of a cult saga… full of passion, personifying the perfumery’s vision as lovers. To the strains of “Casta Diva,” from Bellini‘s Norma, they love, desire, separate and are reconcile again. The new Chapter, “On The Docks” features models Jarrod Scott and Rianne Ten Haken and is created by British director Johnny Green, with photography by Laurie Bartley.

JARROD SCOTT on the docks GAULTIER fashiondailymag

“On The Docks”, the latest opus in the saga, stages the peak of their mutual desire in a new setting. From the bowels of the freighter to a boudoir apartment, the new film relates their mounting desire in breathless sequences which call for great feats.

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“Classique, voluptuous in her corset, is a modern-day siren enticing the Le Male sailor into her net. Under the spell cast by his lover’s call, the modern-day Ulysses in his sailor’s jersey meets all challenges and overcomes all obstacles in order to attain the object of his desire. Nothing can stop him: not the sea, nor the land, nor even their differences. With his boat, he slices through the tarmac, cutting through everything in his wake as he enters the town. The sailor runs across the bridge, drawn like a magnet to his corseted lover waiting on her balcony. In full mastery of her power, she plucks him from the prow and brings him to her mouth.”

“On the Docks” featuring Jarrod Scott | GAULTIER Le Male commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura.

check out the film “On the Docks” by Johnny Green here.


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