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NYFWM Boyswear ss16

The Sound of Music meets Charles Manson.  Aptly called “The Manson Family Singers,” the inspiration behind Boyswear’s quirky and colorful ss16 presentation during NYMD at NYFWM was an unlikely juxtaposition of mania-infused cult psychedelia against a canvas of playful nostalgia and Tyrolean motifs.

Boyish, boxy silhouettes permeated the collection. Overalls, printed drawstring shorts, squarely cropped colorful tees, and high waisted culottes that hit mid-calf were vaguely reminiscent of a boy who had grown too quickly.

Nostalgic 60s inspired prints looked as if they were taken directly from a page of a children’s book.  Daisies, goats, cuckoo clocks, nuns, psychedelic shapes and mountain scenes appeared in whimsical hues of sky and true blue, creamsicle, tangerine, lemon and lime.

Amidst the vibrant prints was a youthful air of simplicity.  The looks were free from embellishment aside from circular wooden buttons and slip on Doc Martens sandals.  Models’ hair parted down the middle (check out Rain Dove), and those with hair long enough donned a looped version of Tyrolean braids— a subtle reference to its Sound of Music inspiration.

Underneath the collection’s lighthearted surface proved an underlying dark humor.  A tapestry like print features the Hollywood Hills, goats dining on roadside tires, and Charles Manson himself blending with a setting of nuns in the Swiss Alps.

The childlike illustrations and youthful colors of the print are offsetting when considering its dark subject matter.  However, its this ability to seamlessly blend two contrasts into one cohesive collection that make Boyswear a line to look out for.  NYFWM Boyswear ss16 selects by Brigitte Segura,  written by Christine Buzan. 

photo credit: Audrey Froggatt x FashionDailyMag

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