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No. 21 Resort 2014 by Alessandro Dell’Acqua

No. 21 Resort 2014 collection (named after designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s birthday), shows that even vacationers in the Italian seaside need pieces for inclement weather. Who ever thought that parkas could become a stylish staple? The designer’s take on Resort is exciting and well-thought out. Every single weather scenario is incorporated. There’s looks for a day strolling the city, and others for a day of skipping in the rain. Everything possesses a sense of girlish charm. It’s a combination of naivety and finesse.

No. 21 resort 2014 fashiondailymag sel 25

Most dresses either touch or lay slightly below the knee. Floral green, pink and blue are accented with slip-on shoes that look beach-ready. One of the cutest looks is a tan zipped jacket and skirt ensemble. A touch of baby blue is partially hidden, while the bows on the light yellow heels look like airplane propellers…perhaps a nod to the fast-paced adventures taken while on vacation. A tan patterned parka doesn’t look out of place but acts as the theme-piece of the collection. An adorable baby blue dress is photographed similarly and it’s the most feminine cut alive. Any woman would be glowing in it.

A trending leopard print coat is retro fab while a snug tan short leather jacket is current. The frilly pink skirt paired with a soft yellow sweater is so charming. Some touches of black on the dresses and skirts show allure, a few pant sets add a little boyish pizzazz. Throwing on a pair of large sunglasses with any of the looks will make them 100 percent getaway-ready. Come escape in this line with us. fdmLOVES No. 21 resort 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa

Photos: No. 21 | FashionWirePress



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