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Nicholas K. fall 2013

In perfect tune with layering weather, the Fall collection for Nicholas K.  kicked off the first show at NYFW again this season at Lincoln Center during MB Fashion Week on Feb. 7 at 9:00 am.  A consistent view from designer Nicholas Kuntz portrayed in a different light every season, a timeless cool to details with a twist inspired  by the new muse.  This time around, the collection was inspired  by a Danish explorer and cartographer by the name of Peter Freuchen; a man who is credited with the mapping of the Arctic at the preface of the 20th century. This Arctic approach breezed though the looks from opulent shearlings and aqua-nuanced dresses, with layered draping that rippled on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week catwalk.

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Nicholas K.’s city-chic smart bohemian theme this season included ivory and nude jumpsuits that were adorned with backpack like straps used to portray the “explorer-beneath”. Kuntz’s palette imbued neutral, eskimo-esque, and oceanic hues, and interconnected them with suitable silk fabrics which looked as if they lightly breezed off the body, truly captivating the sensations that flow through the icy Arctic Ocean. Her collection was abundant in her balmy, re-finessed parkas and topcoats for both men and women. The fall 2013 collection was familiar in color and lineation, with the men’s pieces more body conscious, incorporating the use of even more leather.

The looks were ornamented with aviator goggles, which brought an excursionist disposition to her Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection. Kuntz has, yet-again managed to re-finesse her traditional avenue in a collection that incorporates the Nicholas K. casual edge together with the essence of Peter Freuchen. FDM Loves! especially in layering weather.  Commentary + selects from Nicholas K. Fall 2013 runway by Brigitte Segura, written by Julia Paulescu. more selects to come.

Photo credit: Randy Brooke