newSKY innovative SNEAKs from recycled plastic bottles

get your SUSTAINABLE new year fix:  8 PET bottles = a PAIR of newSKY.   new balance has found an innovative + FASHIONed way to recycle your plastic bottles.   8 [recycled] PET bottles of water make up the entire ‘upper’ of a pair of newSKY sneakers.   superCUTE + very lightweight, perfect for the NON-ballerina flat addition to your bag.   these featherweights don’t make your feet overheat and come in CHARCOAL with bright NEON accents of CITRON, FUSCHIA and peacock blue.  these sneaks are flat, comfy and made for walking, [not for running the marathon] available for both men and women at just under $100. written by brigitte segura.

newSKY newbalance eco sneakers FashionDailyMag loves

newSKY from BOTTLE to FABRIC + shoe design by New Balance

designers’ note:‘The decision to use recycled fabric for the entire upper was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, as well as the greatest opportunity for innovation… aside from the foam and the little rubber components [on the outsole] and a little bit of water based glue, the only material in the NEWSKY is the recycled fabric.’

the designers reduced the need for conventional reinforcements, and instead of a rigid counter typically used to support the heel,  it has been reinforced with [strategic] stitching in BRIGHT contrast colors along the back seam of doubled material in a thicker a thicker weight of fabric.’

newSKY newbalance eco sneakers 2 FashionDailyMag loves


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