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natural ALLERGY relief

It seems allergies are always in season.  While flowers are (finally) in full bloom everywhere, folks with allergies are sneezing just about every second.  If you are one of those that affected, you also know that it only gets even worse when seasons are changing- which seems to be the case this spring.

From struggling to apply mascara on your wet lashes due to watery eyes, to reappling concealer right after you just finished doing your makeup is just a couple of annoying side effects for a girl with allergies.  Feeling not so wonderful while blowing your nose constantly,  and then being “spaced out” on the typical over the counter remedies are these are just few more annoyances that come with the reaction to nature.

ROOTOLOGY breathe free FashionDailyMag

…some good news! we found + tried this out a natural remedy on our annoyed friends + family:  Rootology Breathe Free  is a natural way to get through the season of pollen and relaxing walks in botanical gardens. Containing 13 concentrated herbal extracts, the effects are immediate and non-drowsy, which can help curb the out-of-it look during the day.   The capsules provide natural nasal and sinus support against environmental causes that trigger allergy reactions including as pollen and pollution, helping symptoms like sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, and itchy | watery eyes.

After we tried this out on a few friends, they all said the same thing:   “I don’t feel sleepy” and ” I can’t tell, but I’m not sneezing anymore.”  That was enough for us to be convinced.  So get out and smell the roses – sneeze-free.

more info: The products include natural ingredients like Schizonepeta stem, platycodon and Ledebouriella root for itchy nose and eyes, Anemarrhena to nourish nasal passages, as well as licorice root to support lung function. Vitamin C and D are also added to boost immune system and respiratory health.  Rootology Breathe Free has powerful + natural ingredients to help with the reations of allergies. So get out and smell the roses – sneeze-free. natural ALLERGY relief written by Betty Lo.

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