multicolor sheep! Dream series by Gray Malin

Oh the stunning sheep! L.A based photographer Gray Malin recently traveled to Australia and photographed vibrantly colored sheep for his latest “Dream” series. Meant to inspire all those who dare to dream, to dream of the impossible and venturing to achieve it. Plus, the photos help benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. Working with a family of sheep farmers, the sheep were colored using a vegetable based dye.

dream multicolor GRAY MALIN dream series FashionDailyMag

The wooly rainbow colored an idea in the photographer’s mind as he saw a multicolor opportunity to get a message across. Through Gray Malin’s eyes, we are each unique individuals capable of achieving great things within a society. Tus the “Dream” series was brought to life. Gray Malin challenges dreamers to break free from the pack and believe in the impossible… thus the “Dream” series was brought to life.

“As they huddle together in a flock, it’s often difficult to discern one sheep from the next. My ‘Dream Series’ portrays the sheep as individuals – in some instances becoming a rainbow of color. This series represents the individuality of all living things, and highlights the importance of following one’s own personal dreams.” – Grey Malin

For more on the “Dream” series story | to purchase prints visit Gray Malin.

photo credit: Gray Malin [FashionDailyMag edits]

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