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midSUMMER beauty: all about the HAIR issue

fdm mid SUMMER BEAUTY: HAIR check, how are the frizzies.. 10 WARM-weather friendly  QUICK helpers get your locks under control without trying too hard. Face it:  the sun, wind, beach and swimming pool aren’t helping groom your strands, a hints to keep your ‘summer’ groom natural. from a SMOOTHer start to a 10 minute root touch up, to a ‘ GEE, your hair smells so nice’, even while travelling.. by brigitte segura on FASHION DAILY MAG:  beauty in LUXchic

MIDSUMMER BEAUTY her whispering hair by WOLF189 photography on FashionDailyMag

1.get a SMOOTHer start… RAINFOREST grown ingredients in RAHUA hair collection: shampoo + conditioner designed  to  HELP add BOUNCE  and strengthen color-treated hair, while fighting the frizz, with organic + natural ingredients from the amazon, and sounds SO exotic, perfect for the summer…

2. a delicate INSTANT fresh + nourish:  G MELE anti-aging styling prep spray gives an extra boost of conditioning, light like a ‘conditioning water’… smells  fresh, and is safe to spray around your face too.   While this helps getting your hair ready for styling, it’s a perfect when your hair feels dry in the heat or after sun too.

3.polished light hold: LEONOR GREYL lait luminescence detangling styling milk nourishes and gives hair manageablitlity, also helps ‘keep hair in place’, with an added ‘light’ hold that can be combed through for more volume.  available at Thompson Alchemists,  SoHo.

4. shine on! the moiSture. SEDU anti- frizz argan oilis formulated with a blend of argan oil, found from the argan trees in morocco.  absorbs into hair quickly and creates shine while protecting against the heat,  great for long, dry hair.5.

GEE, your hair smells so nice…been at the POOL and no time to ‘freshen up’? JF LAZARTIGUE BANCOULIER hair fragrance gives a sublte scent with a light touch to your hair + adds a shine as a bonus prize… ok, it smells kinda sexy too.

6. COLOR issues? a quick TOUCH up while you’re away, and it’s available conveniently nationwide: LOREAL root rescue 10-minute root coloring kit has a quick precision applicator and  built-in conditioning with 100% grey coverage. [stay tuned for FashionDailyMag | LOREAL give-away, so you can try it too; details to follow~]

7. if you MUST straighten, even in the SUMMER heat: ORGANIX brazilian keratin flat iron spray at ulta,  Brazilian cocoa nut oils to protect your hair from thermal heat styling, available at  at ulta and most drugstores everywhere.

8. get a NEW 2-in-1 BRUSH… less clutter, designed for the girls that like their hair both straight and wavy in the same weekend.   CONAIR you style brush converts from a ROUND brush to a REGULAR brush with a little switch… so novel and fresh in white, one less brush to pack for the weekend.

9.  hair ACCESSORIES: quick style helpers for a ROMANTIC night.    SCUNCI has created bendinis,  little embellished ‘fancy’ hair holders that bend and snap to hold with some beads and pearls in alot of colors.  inspired by this year’s SCUNCI |ABT* collaboration, and designed for bouncing ballerinas, these little cute adds give a girly touch for a quick changeover with hold  for the night, about $5 each at drugstores [*SCUNCI is the official hair sponsor of summer intensive program at  American Ballet Theatre, NYC]

10.  JOHN MASTERS organics hair pomade.   we LOVE this pomade’s strength and amazing fragrance, perfect to keep in the bag for hair, especially after it’s been wind blown, or dry spots on your body:   elbows, ankles.   We found it a couple of blocks from John’s former salon in SOHO at SOHO ORGANICSon 6ave, near prince st, nyc. editorial photo ‘whispering hair’

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