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MID-SUMMER body in check

Indulged in too many summer beverages lately?  While It’s the season for hot shorts and bikinis, the high calorie cocktails may just be affecting the view of our summer thighs again.  While we may all have worked on getting our bod into early summer shape for summer holidays,  let’s make sure our legs and back view are good enough for a beach or pool view too!  Here are a few efficient + quick acting products* to get the legs, tummy and back looking better now.

We’ve waited all year to switch to summer wardrobe but our skin might not be beachwear ready yet. So, at pool parties or on the beach, some of us get self-conscious and wear cover-ups or wrap our legs up with sarongs to hide imperfections that are extra obvious under the bright sunlight. Here are our picks of firming + cellulite fighting products that will help improve the problem so we can enjoy the season, show off our bodies with confidence and no hesitation. Kiss your cellulite goodbye

For tighter belly + waist:

Post-cocktail help: firm the core area and define your curves with Clarins Redefining Body Care for Abdomen and Waist.  It even promises effectiveness and results on even ladies over 50! which BTW, is sometimes not the target for anti-cellulite products.  Containing Pueraria and Crowberry extract, the moisturizing formula lifts and tightens slackened skin around the stomach. Gently massage the product in clockwise motion morning a night for best and most efficient result. A plus for this is that it gets absorbed instantly once applied, so you don’t have to wait before getting dressed.

For smoother hips + legs:

If squats is the key for a sexier lower body then Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control would be the cherry on top that perfects the look. It not only corrects the appearance of stubborn cellulite, but also prevents future ones from showing up! This slimming treatment “breaks the vicious cellulite cycle” by targeting cellulite before it starts.  Though that is hard to measure for us girls, what we can speak to is that the product visibly smoothes the buttocks and thighs and give you that lifted and slimmer effect – and the backside does feel “tighter”.

For overall quick tone + sculpt:

Spoiler alert: the following product is going to amaze you with its unique formula and multiple benefits. Nip + Fab Cellulite Fix Body Sculpting Gel targets cellulite, firms and activates microcirculation with Indian forskolin.  Containing caffeine, the ultra-fresh scent and lightweight formula is non-sticky and penetrates so fast into the skin that there is don’t need to massage it.  Apply in straight upward strokes on arms and legs twice a day to get a more toned and sculpted effect.  This is great for reducing a bit while “tightening” the look under the sun!

*You have to use the products regularly and as directed to get the results.. and that means, part of your daily routine like lotion- but it’s so worth it!  MID-SUMMER body in check with anti-cellulite written by Betty Lo.

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