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MICHAEL KORS: a designer’s life in numbers

CATCHING up:   MICHAEL KORS  in My List – a designer’s life in numbers.  a day in his life – hour by hour,  and random numbers that make it up [including twelve Splendas a day, fifty black t-shirts and sixty pairs of aviator sunglasses].  Michael dishes a bit about his wedding in Southhampton,  his ‘numbers’ and what he does in his free time with Harper’s Bazaar for the August issue, on newsstands July 17.    

After taking a sneak peek at what he says, we couldn’t resist sharing the notes from his interview… especially since I had shared a bench outside a Southhampton restaurant with Michael a few years back where we chattered like old friends about the passers-by and their fashionability and shared a few smiles.  

Maybe it’s because our birthdays are a day apart [not the same year, BTW] but Michael’s entertaining yet down-to-earth view of Fashion and life is pretty irresistible- especially for a successful American designer.    It brought me right back to the bench- and I felt like we continued the conversation.  Check out some KORS by the NUMBERS and get your smile on for a Monday.  by Brigitte Segura.

on his morning ride:

‘ The car is my moment to kind of zone out before I jump into the day. And in New York, it’s great for people-watching.  I count Michael Kors handbags on the street.’

10:15 A.M [who eats lunch]:

The only thing that’s always the same in my workday is that it is never the same.The only thing that stays consistent is that lunch out is not part of the Michael Kors day. The minute I walk in the office, my assistant will show me e-mails we have gotten, what phone calls have come through and slap another iced tea into my hand so I can feel like an Olsen.The iced tea is always there. I think when I quit smoking, the cup in my hand became my new cigarette, so to speak.’

about the accessories:

‘I change my color of aviator. That kind of indicates my mood. Like, the silver aviator if I’m feeling nasty, an olive aviator if I’m feeling sporty, and black if I don’t want to think about it. I have about 60 pairs.’

MICHAEL KORS talks numbers for harpers bazaar august 2012 on FashionDailyMag

7:30 P.M. [black + white]

‘We usually go out – we’ll go directly from the office to dinner.  During the week we never, ever cook.  I wear black and drink white.’

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