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menswear highlights nymd vol 2

More emerging designers showcased at New York Mens Day during NYFW:M spring 2017 collections.  Flaunting forward style for regular guys, another batch of designers got our attention, including Uri Minkoff, Rideau, Private Policy, Krammer & Stoudt, ByRobertJames, and CH Chapter.   Here is a glimpse of a few of the fabulous we loved for our guys.

Uri Minkoff is all about accessorizing the mobility of clothes this season. Backpacks, shoes and quirky all enhance an outfit but movement does as well. The stretchy fabrics used for the clothes show that wearing suits can be practical too. The (dance) models demonstrated how breathable the clothing is by breaking out into dramatic dance moves choreographed by Gerard and Kelly.  The navy blue and black color scheme show a different side of spring | summer, the nightlife.

Uri Minkoff MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-9

The vibrant green palm tree hats featured in the Krammer & Stoudt show added a unique element to the dark blue hues of the garments. Embroidery and stripes added subtle touches of detail to the pants and tops. Silver rings were also a major element seen throughout the show as they enhanced the coolness factor of the outfits.

Krammer & Stoudt MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-5

Yellow, plaid and metallic were the norms of the Rideau collection. Mustard yellow was seen on shirts, jackets and shorts, even all in one outfit. The multicolor metallic short suit was a great statement element to contrast with the cream and off white pieces featured as well.

Rideau MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-16

Private Policy did something a bit different. There were graphics plastered on shirts and jackets to accompany the tattooed portraits on the models. Linked metal chains and plaid prints provided a punk rock flare to the vibrant colored shirts and cream scrunched jackets.

noma han Private Policy MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-8 copy

Blush pink sweatshirts were a pleasant surprise for the ByRobertJames collection.  We’ve been seeing alot of pink this season, so it was no surprise to see it here fused with olive green. Sinched waists, joggers and wayfarer sunglasses along with utility pockets gave practical wear to these looks.

By Robert James MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-15

The coolness factor of the CH Chapter collection was through the roof. The blue spotlight bounced off the oversized tinted frames on all the models, further enhancing the effect of the mesh tops, tropical print button ups and ring crossbody straps.

Ch MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-12

MENSWEAR highlights NYMD SS17 commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Nyaa Ferary.

Uri Minkoff MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-43

my #OOTD: (with Rebecca Minkoff at Uri Minkoff):  only hearts x voodoo vixen x stella mccartney x beatsbydre #beatsxEE25

photo credit: @PaulTerrie x @FashionDailyMag.

NYMD grooming: @mineralsblacktie.

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Uri Minkoff MFW ss17 Fashiondailymag PT-6

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