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Emerging designers in menswear: another talented line up of designers continue to raise the fashion bar during NYFW: Mens with their SS 2018 presentations at New York’s Men’s Day. An of unique presentations from faves Descendant of Thieves, Heliot Emil, Life in Perfect Disorder, Private Policy, R.Swiader, Maiden Noir, and then a bonus of Thaddeus O’Neil.

DON LEE Thaddeus O'neil SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-24

Descendant of Thieves could not have chosen a more fitting name for their menswear brand as they certainly stole the show. This was their first showcase in NYC yet it’s safe to say that they’ve already established their creative and original aesthetic. Aside from the vibrant floral patterns and bold stripes, models were caged by metal frameworks and stood behind dangling masks that obscured their faces, creating this illusion of anonymity. Drawing focus away from the model and onto their outfit, as “thieves” disguised in tribal masks and colorful prints – a hot look for Descendant of Thieves.

Descendantofthieves SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-3

Another NYC first-timer and stand out is Helio Emil, whose clothing was clearly combat-inspired. Much of it gave off a military look. Models resembled pilots ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice with their vests, parachute cords, and metal buckles. It may not be something you’d wear casually but definitely something you’d wear to get a few heads turning. DAJE BARBOUR flaunts the look seamlessly!

DAJE BARBOUR Heliot Emil SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-1

A unique take of America with Private Policy’s collection. Models gave off Wild West vibes with their cowboy boots and jackets with tribal patterns. They wore retro-looking shirts with long straps and sported hair styles reminiscent of the Beatles’ old hairstyle. Shiny and pink, girls included Justine Bracero fitting right in with the boys.

Private Policy NY SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-2

The R. Swaider collection had a very murky artsy look reminiscent of something out of a Jackson Pollock painting. Their linen overalls and blouses were clad in inkblots as if they had been splattered across with a brush. The gray and white outfits had a fluid dynamic look that distinguished it from the other designers.

RSWiader SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-7

Maiden Noir does an effortless job of blending street-style with a military distressed look. The much about camo in the looks are balanced with some vibrant stripes. Perfect looks for those looking for light, loose, and cool vibed clothing.

Maiden Noir SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-14

Life in Perfect Disorder certainly seems to be a big fan of pink seeing as how each outfit utilized it subtly or boldly. This unique take on urban and casual style clothing had a theme of black and white shirts and pants that were cuffed.

LPDNY SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-8

As we followed the pink in the NYMD house, we were immediately drawn to Thaddeus O’Neil’s floral headpieces, on Don Lee. As we entered the outdoor NYMDPROJECT space, models pink headpieces were carrying pink artsy stalks. The textured and unique fabrications which have become O’Neil’s signature had stripes and patterns in khaki neutrals. Beach inspired with pops of hot pink to love.

Thaddeus O'neil SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-22

A favorite show of a menswear collective for us to discover emerging brands, NYFW:MENS NYMD show keeps us eager to discover. Catching up with industry editors, bloggers, and photographers – we were all smiles in the friendly atmosphere.

eric rutherford x brigitte segura Thaddeus O'neil SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-36

MENSWEAR highlights: NYFW:M NYMD x PROJECT commentary + faves by Brigitte Segura, written by Tristan Manaloto.

photo credit: @paulterrie x @fashiondailymag.


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