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MENS grooming essentials made easy

Mens grooming is even more effortless now, especially for the basics. Here’s a 3 step regime that most fellas “get” and can use to look their groomed best, especially during the holiday season. Nivea Men provides an affordable solution for the guys. Better than the usual drugstore special, this down-to-earth range is accessible [and useful] without the added girly scents.

NIVEA MEN SENSITIVE BODY WASH fashiondailymag sel 1

The Nivea Men Sensitive 3-in-1 Body Wash is just what it says with a bonus: This is also moisturizing for sensitive skin.  Perfect for the travel days ahead, from shower to soothe without drying out the skin… No need to borrow your sister’s moisturizing body wash while visiting for the holidays. Natural ingredients soothe sensitive skin and improve its natural defense over time. This specific line has been specially designed for men who are prone to skin irritations, so don’t worry, you can take it for a test drive if you are ‘sensitive’.

The Sensitive Shaving Gel, like the body wash, soothes skin and helps protect from annoying shaving irritation. Alcohol-free and filled with chamomile and aloe vera, it especially helps razor glide, provides a close share and helps protect from cuts and razor burn. Release gel and massage on wet face to form a smooth lather. Most guys that have tried it won’t switch up brands and say they love it.

Lastly, the Sensitive Post Shave Balm soothes the skin from shaving irritation. It’s that instant ‘sigh of relief’ when placed on the face. It not only helps with irritations but moisturizes dry skin immediately. These Nivea Men grooming essentials are 3 steps to clean, smooth and soothe, and are available at most drugstores. MENS grooming essentials made easy written by Allison Ripa.

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