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Meissen Couture Italia Romantic for Spring 2014

Be prepared to fall in love. Meissen Couture Italia Spring 2014 collection embodies the spirit of sweet, passionate love. Romantic colors and patterns leave viewers in a state of adoration, all eyes noticing the dress. Meissen’s collection consists of evening, cocktail, and bridal dresses inspired by the sculptures from the Meissen archives.

The expressiveness and intricacy of Meissen’s figures and sculptures have inspired the nature of the romanticized pieces in this collection. Meissen’s collection is “Timelessly elegant, feminine, and graceful and with a touch of romantic luxurious.” The specific color, fabric, and pattern choices help in capturing all of these elements.

MEISSEN COUTURE spring 2014 FashionDailyMag

Meissen makes it possible to maintain its romantic image while still adding elements of sexiness. The embellished lace gown STELLA contains fully hand-embroidered crystals and pearls that are pieced onto a cream colored fabric. This piece, however also has a plunging neckline that gives off just the right amount of sexy to balance out such a dreamy look. The usages of rosy reds provide a nice balance between sweet, subtle gowns and sexy evening dresses showing off its versatility.

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Nothing sums up this collection like SIENNA, a floral embroidered organza bridal gown. This gown is pure in nature but holds such intricacy and creativity while still managing to keep the focus on the bride. The 3D laser cut blossoms and leaves, pearls and sequins, and ruffled flower heads leaves viewers in awe wondering if a gown can get any more romantic than this. The slim fit of the gown up top gives any bride a strong sense of sensuality while the bottom explodes into a flush of passionate, wistful rose-like pedals. This lovely design captures the level of beauty that any bride should feel on her special day. Meissen Couture Italia Romantic for Spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Nia Bolling.