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MEET the girls

Gifting the right fragrance can be a challenge with the range of scents available and everyone’s certain preference of scents and combinations. We found a cute shortcut to finding the perfect signature scent from Tocca. The Meet the Girls Fragrance Collection features a set of ten mini pocket-sized assorted fragrances that range from sensual to sophisticated to flirty… something for all the girls.

Sparing us the long search for the perfect scent, Each of the 10 scents is inspired by a certain type of woman who has a certain personality to match. Cleopatra entices with sensual tuberose and rich vanilla musk with crisp grapefruit and jasmine, while Florence flaunts a citrusy bergamot, sweet pear and gardenia, and soft woods. Stella and Giuletta are the more flirty of the girls. Stella has notes of bitter blood orange, sweet freesia, spicy lily, and sandalwood. Giuletta is a mix of pink tulips and feminine vanilla orchid, and crisp green apple.

tocca meet the girls fragrance | fashiondailymag

Brigitte is more playful, with ginger, Moroccan rose, and panettone accord. Beautiful Asian pear, Casablanca lily, and creamy iris combine for the dreamy Graciella. Biana, Violette, and Liliana smell fresh, lush, and vibrant. Biana features lemon orpur, rose petals, and green tea, while Violette is a mix of coriander, African violet, and sweet black currant. Neroli, white peony, and muguet make up Liliana. Colette gives off a mysterious aura with juniper berry, jasmine, and deep incense.

Tocca’s Meet the Girls Fragrance Collection makes the perfect gift for every type of girl [including yourself]. The ten spray vials allow you to experiment and discover your own unique scent in a keepsake antique-inspired tin. so cute. [$62 at B-Glowing] Time to meet the girls! written by Nadia Hartvigsen.