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MAXMARA pre-fall 2013

There’s a “Starman”, actually woman, for MaxMara Pre-fall 2013. Going back to the freedom of the 1970’s, the brand chose all-around icon David Bowie as the fearless foundation and inspiration for the collection. Maxmara took the striking silhouette of the serenader, and simply streamlined it for the label’s aesthetic while providing moments of layering.  If you get an opportunity to walk down the halls of the V&A Museum, which will have an exhibition chronicling the singer’s 70’s style, you will notice the connection.

Maxmara pre-fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 16

Trousers were aplenty in the collection, yet this time in a slouchy yet structured form similar to the era’s palazzo pant-showing that chic can also be comfortable. Necklines played against each other-whether it’s a crumpled cashmere turtleneck or a flowing v-neck bishop-sleeved top.  Come hither colors carried all the way down on the looks through the sudden interjections of turquoise, rust, and inky blue, while some hues were broken up through moments of color blocking.

Pre-fall 2013 created a graphic girl overall by using every element, from the gloves to the hats, to show a fresh way to break minimalist tradition through line. Defined shapes were formed through the abundance of textures, such as using alpaca and shearling on the fronts of jackets and dresses. The collection combined the label’s classic albino hue (FYI- the real color of a camel) with Bowie’s boldness for an effortless, endearing result. Rich fabrics like camel hair, cashmere, crepe de chine, and silk charmeuse, added underlying luxury to the simplicity as well. Whether you opt for the eye-catching prints or the soothing shades, MaxMara Prefall 2013 will supply you with a hint of star factor-just like the living legend himself. Written by Mary Anderson .