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MANE like a LION beach hair

CURLY HAIR stories: Aah, yes, it’s high summer and LEO birthdays are in full bloom.  A perfect excuse for me to celebrate the wild textured mane of the lion this month!  Time to let the curls blow in the wind and volumize your locks with a high volume | loose beach curl look.   I recently stopped at Ouidad, the curl experts uptown and got the how to get | style the look with just a couple of easy steps.

A couple of prerequisites are required:  Though the wild look of volume may seem carefree, how the curls are shaped to land is one of the most important steps in achieving ANY curly hair style.

  • Control the natural look by starting with a friendly shaped cut by someone that understands curly hair and its properties, like Ouidad salon, who specializes in curly hair… so when your hair is more wild and “free” it actually lands in a somewhat organized state- not in a few directions.
  • Add | brighten the highlights here and there to help get the natural sunkist | sunbrightened look.  This will also enable hair to have variations of curls- some loose, some tighter for a more summer-friendly look.  I went to Jason to go more BLONDE for summer.

The look + Maintenance:

Ouidad makes it easy to find the products for your curly hair type, with a few ranges to select from.  My mixed hair type surprisingly falls under the “Classic Curls” area.  To get the full + free look with less curl, more texture and volume, this is my how-to get the look:


I used VitalCurl Clear & Gentle Shampoo which lightly removes residue without drying out my hair.  The formula contains a  low pH, and is formulated to preserve the delicate curl moisture balance.  Next, I used the VitalCurl Balancing Rinse Conditioner with moisturizing polymers, vitamins and wheat proteins to keep hair healthy + perfect the high performing curls.


To get the texture on this summer, I use VitalCurl Define & Shine Styling Gel-Cream, while my hair is damp.   The Vitamins, proteins and botanicals feed curls during styling for ‘ideal’ curl formation, with lasting hold. What this means to me and my habit is that the curl forms and stays in place while my hair is air drying.   Once I’m about to run out, I use my fingers to style, and though an oil is not really needed, I add a dab in my hands and smooth on just for a little extra shine.    Because the curls have already formed, the bottom layers tend to stay more curly, and the areas on top and framing my face get less curly and more textured in the summer breeze.   When it’s a super windy day, I add a little spray before leaving just to keep the wildness in check.  The result? I kinda look like the lion – just more approacheable.. MANE like a LION beach hair written by Brigitte Segura.

the Ouidad NYC flagship is located at 37 W. 57th St, 4th Floor (b/w 5th & 6th Ave); ask for stylist: Jason Hallman

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Brigitte Segura pics by Betty Lo

hair: @JasonHallman @Ouidad

fashion: zazzle custom Ts, tumblr cozy sweatshirt, Hudson jeans.

lion by Arno Elias @PopGallery

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