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Maiyet Pre-Fall 2014

Get a head start gathering inspiration for your almost next fall wardrobe now. Maiyet pre-fall 2014, captured by photographer Amy Trost and styled by Natasha Royt is filled with pronounced bold styles that embody the modern day woman. The strong defining features of these looks are in perfect contrast with the soft feminine appearance of model Kate Goodling.

Makeup artist Chiho Omae adds a brush of simple elegance, choosing some neutral tones like a light brown eye shadow and a nude lip.

Maiyet prefall 2014 FashionDailyMag sel 11

These looks are nothing short of brilliant. Women are both beautiful and powerful, and this collection does a fantastic job representing the two features in unison. Denim is displayed in a couple of pleasantly unexpected ways. We’re so excited about the unique rendition on overalls and the denim dress that looks put together over a long sleeve button up.

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An oxford top with a vest thrown over is a timeless combo and we’re [obsessed] how it’s reconstructed into a full outfit by simply elongating the fabrics! Also, the button up dresses and rompers let you decide how much skin to show off, depending on how daring you might feel that day. This versatility allows for the outfits to be worn in many different settings. Outfits like this are always great for a busy day full of events when there’s no time to change!

Maiyet prefall 2014 FashionDailyMag sel 10

There is a look for every woman in this editorial. The reds, whites, and blacks are effortlessly classic colors and always a good addition to any fall wardrobe. Add some edgy black booties and a statement accessory like a necklace or thick waist belt, and you’ll be feeling more confident and cool than ever. fdmLOVES MAIYET Pre-Fall 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Bianca Scherrei.


Mayiet Pre-Fall 2014

Photographer: Amy Troost

Stylist: Natasha Royt

Model: Kate Goodling

Makeup Artist: Chiho Omae

(by courtesy)