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MAISON KITSUNE fall campaign

Retro looks set in beautiful Tokyo setting remind us of a Sophia Coppola movie waiting to be made for Maison Kitsune’s Fall 2013 campaign.  Nothing less romantic than Kiko Mizuhara and Neils Schneider, two well-known actors in Japan and France, respectively, star as the couple wandering the streets in nostalgic coats and sweaters.

MAISON KITSUNE fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 2

Mizuhara wears a range of vintage styled outerwear, such as a waffle knit sweater in both mustard and navy. Kitschy tight knit sweaters were playful with a fox on the front in either a cream color or a bright orange shade.  Outerwear included a deep navy three button coat that was paired with a crisp button-up shirt – a classic and effortless combination for fall. She also wears a letterman jacket with a Kitsune patch on the back, while Schneider dons a similar one for men.

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Though set in Tokyo, the sleeveless cobalt blue dress paired with a sultry grey beret gives us Parisian vibes. Perhaps the most notable outfit is the matching golden yellow circle skirt and blazer. We sense a bit of Cher from Clueless, but that might just be the beret paired with knee high black socks. Mizuhara’s “lover” remains classy as ever in a grey suit unconventionally paired with a forest green and red plaid button up. Another plaid piece sneaks its way into the prominent fall pieces in the form of a blazer, paired with cream pants.

For accessories, the collaboration featured an array of silk headwraps and large hoop earrings. The chic streetstyle of the collection was emphasized through its obvious wearability and versatility this fall.  Maison Kitsune fall 2013 campaign selects Brigitte Segura, written by Nadia Hartvigsen.