LOUIS VUITTON resort 2015

Louis Vuitton Resort 2015 Monaco sees the luxury fashion house delivering, piece by piece. As is expected of the brand, we might have just seen trends set with our own eyes. Playing with prints is a road designers are dabbling in lately, and the fashion house is rocking it, big time.  The risk has paid off wonderfully, and we are awestruck.

We are digging the range of  pastels, pale strawberry, banana, and mint, which also exemplified the chic  60’s throwback here and there. Subtle snakeskins dominated, and with good reason. And one would think that print on print would be risk enough for one whole month. To that, LV says print on print on print. Down to the footwear, Vuitton commits. Mother Nature is beaming with pride. fdmLOVES LOUIS VUITTON resort 2015 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Paul Cenizal.

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