LONGCHAMP paris HEELS series

fdmLOVES: Longchamp ‘HEELS’ web series…  with a sensual aesthetic, HEELS is an original showcase based solely on silhouettes, feet and hands, for the Longchamp collection.  here’s a peek at the 1st of the 7 series, check out the sweet VID– brigitte

LONGCHAMP IMG_8239 fashiondailymag sel behind the scenes

an all so familiar fashion world:  seven ‘heels’ episodes in the web series recount the adventures of Alice Valois, a young fashion editor of SHINE magazine and her tumultuous relationship with her sworn enemy, the Machiavellian Trisha Barton. The war is declared when the latter returns from New York to become the new Editor-in-Chief of… SHINE: betrayals, seductions, rivalries and jealousy are not far behind. The series broadcasts exclusively on Longchamp Facebook.

LONGCHAMP behind the scenes 6 fdmloves brigitte segura

LONGCHAMP behind the scenes


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