Lie Sang Bong SS16 NYFW

Quite the romantic daydream at Lie Sang Bong ss16 NYFW. We noticed the perfectly sculpted dandelion seed heads lining the runway and the delicate treatment of the line revealed the combined finesse of the attention to detail.

The feminine side of modernity is airy and charming while the flip side is sophisticated yet alluring.

LIE SANG BONG ss16 NYFW FashionDailyMag audrey sel 1

The precision qualities the Korean designer Lie Sangbong is known for wear translated with a geometric feel. From graphic and painted prints to asymmetrical cut outs the linear designers completed another in both flowing and sculptured ensembles. These elements were softened by ethereal silhouettes and light fabrics.

LIE SANG BONG ss16 NYFW FashionDailyMag audrey sel 2

Much of the collection comprised of all white looks that were simply striking both with dimension or a little sway. The visually sculpted paneling and dimensional crochet particularly with the traditional addition of blue, purple, and black makes for an dreamy transition into occasions after dark.  LIE SANG BONG ss16 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Sarah A. Freiseis. more pics coming soon!

side note label = Lie Sang Bong, while designer name is Lie Sangbong 🙂

photo credit: Audrey Froggatt | FashionDailyMag

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