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Levi Maestro’s “HERE I AM, THERE I GO”

Levi Maestro‘s “HERE I AM, THERE I GO” Installation exhibits a wide range of products that document Maestro’s current life and what is to come for him in the future. In collaboration with Strol, he created a set of tee shirts and hats to go with Infinity Watches at Scion AV Installation’s showcase of Levi Maestro’s “HERE I AM, THERE I GO”, that opened on February 23, 2013 in Los Angeles and will continue into early March. Videos, panoramic pictures, artwork, tee shirts, hats and alot more lavished the Melrose Avenue Gallery Space, in a simplistically refined way.

Scion AV Installation Presents: Levi Maestro "Here I am, There I Go" on FashionDailyMag

We caught up with MAESTRO’s publicist,  Sydney Rising, and learned a little bit more about Maestro’s journey. In 2006, multidimensional artist, Levi Maestro moved to sunny Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing his dreams. Coming to LA to become a filmmaker, Maestro’s name went viral as he created the popular webisode series called Maestro Knows where the young Levi documented his life’s journeys and adventures. Maestro’s trials and tribulations helped broaden his artistic vision and inspired him to further his artsy craft.

Maestro has collaborated with known brands, such as Vans and Shayan Afsher, where his inspirational visions were transformed into limited-edition pieces. In partnering with jewelry brand Shayan Afsher, the young artist dreamed up a series of “Infinity Watches” that had showcased his perspective on the importance of luxury and time. The tremendous popularity led Maestro to branch out leading him to a collab with Strol, and we can’t wait to see more from this talented artist. Levi Maestro‘s  “HERE I AM, THERE I GO” selects by Brigitte Segura,  Written by Julia Paulescu.

photos: Aleks Kosev | BFA


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