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Laureus World Sports Awards 2013

What do Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, Allyson Felix, and Lindsey Vonn all have in common ? No, they’re not uniting for a superhero team, (sorry) but they have all been nominated for the Golden Globes-equivalent of sports honors- The Laureus World Sports Awards. Former winners include fan-favorites such as Serena Williams and suit savvy Roger Federer. 

Laureus World Sports Awards 2013 Rio de Janeiro fashiondailymag

Laureus shows that gaining a medal is just as important as giving back, since proceeds of over $72 million have helped 100+ community sports projects through the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. While dominating the 2012 London Summer Olympics, we watched these living legends win-while sporting their own signature style-every step of the way. Whether it was Felix’s tresses flowing in the wind as she beat competitors on the track or Missy Franklin making her U.S. Olympic swimsuit look more like a classic closet staple than a uniform, their enviably toned bodies motivated viewers to get off the couch and attempt to look as ferociously good exercising as the Olympians do. Even though a panel of 46 former athletes will judge these contenders who are on the top of their game, we also think their style sportsmanship away from the cutthroat competitions deserves recognition too. Gabby Douglas, who is nominated for the Breakthrough of the Year Award, also broke through with her own look as she rocked several show-stopping minidresses during the post-Olympic season; demonstrating how she can look as equally chic on the balance beam as the red carpet. Vonn, who is up for the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Award alongside Felix, Franklin, and Williams, chose chic color combinations while hitting the slopes, which stood out amongst the bright snowy backdrops.

For you tall guys, look no further than Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Nominee Phelps. This  6′ 4″ swimming superstar has mastered how to make his height work for his advantage; taking checkered patterns and stripes paired with sharp blazers for added definition to his already impressive build. Although the winners will not be televised until March 11, 2013, from Rio de Janeiro, we’ll be watching to make sure they keep going for the gold. Written by Mary Anderson.