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Lanvin Menswear spring 2014

The Lanvin Menswear spring 2014 collection is like watching a movie with several twists and turns. In fact, it’s almost like three collections combined. Designer Lucas Ossendrijver tells a story with these looks that start out refined and evolve into a funkier, modish version. There’s three different personalities that fit into one exhilarating line. It’s intriguing and we can’t pull our eyes away from what’s in front of us…completely absorbed.

LANVIN menswear spring 2014 fashiondaily mag sel 6

Like the beginning of a film, the main character begins with a dapper wardrobe, a la film noir chic. Navy suits and long trench coats give off a 1940s air. Picture these looks on a rainy street corner in the city. You can almost hear the subtle sounds of a saxophone playing in the background. Underarm man bags add a little mystery to these outfits, and the designer is making a bold statement with short shorts for men. Oversize suit jackets still scream 40s silhouettes, and sleeveless formal looks win big. As this “movie” continues on, our character here suddenly turns hipper with skinny ties and bursts of color in eggplant suits and fuchsia details. A sage green jacket is cool and pink ones have never looked better in menswear.

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Starting to come to an end, the remaining looks are the most wild. A few pieces have fabric attachments that look like modern cummerbunds or fannypacks. It’s a unique accessory for menswear. Texture is also heavily emphasized with bands of fabric across blouson jackets and jacquard pants. Fun prints and mesh tops also feature the same strips of color. From start to finish, we give this full-feature collection two thumbs up. Take it all in. fdmLOVES LANVIN Menswear spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.


Photos: Alessandro Lucioni/IMAXTREE | Fashionwirepress