With a store opening this epic, it was only fitting to shut down the streets of Times Square. Fast-fashion retailer, H&M, opened their brand new 42,000 square feet Times Square location on November 14th. The one and only, Lady Gaga, cut the ribbon and lit the H&M logo on top of 4 Times Square exactly at midnight to commemorate the very special event.

A lucky crowd of 2,500 fashion enthusiasts gathered to catch a glimpse of the superstar, and a select few were plucked from the crowd to shop personally with Gaga herself.

H&M And Lady Gaga Open Epic H&M Store In Times Square

This brand new location [the 12th store in Manhattan], will be selling ladies, men, young ladies and men, children’s and accessories. It’s also the first H&M store worldwide to debut the Isabel Marant for H&M collection to the public. In honor of the launch, Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP will be sold in over 175 stores nationwide while supplies last. The store stayed open for an entire 24 hours in celebration, feeling like New Years Eve arrived a bit early in the city. The store is located at 4 Times Square NYC. fdmLOVES LADY GAGA + HM Team up for Times Square Launch commentary by Allison Ripa.

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