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Karolyn Pho Fall 2014 NYFW

Karolyn Pho made her NYFW debut, showing her Fall 2014 collection at Pier 59 Studios. Inspired by kinetic energy relating to the Ancient Egyptians, outer space and the unknown, she presented an assortment of easy-to-wear dresses and loose fitting trousers that sparkled like the stars from beyond. We’re talking about a metallic gold showstopper dress, which was brought out in the beginning to give us that little ‘kick’ right off the bat. We had the opportunity to chat with Karolyn before her show, getting to know this upcoming designer and her influences.

‘What is outer space?’ ‘What is the unknown?’ That idea still kind of rings true now as human beings, we’re still so obsessed with the idea of ‘What happens next after all of this?’ So I love that idea that it’s current, it’s still happening and you’re taking an ancient idea, an ancient obsession and connecting it to such a futuristic idea and concept and fusing the two.’ — KP

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With a color palette staying in cool neutrals, a few blue and yellow surprises also flow nicely within the mix. Black is also heavily present, especially in long gowns that are glossy like vinyl. Fuzzy detailing is visible on cropped jackets, while pants sometime incorporate a little ruching at the ankle. Things stay in the casual realm but a few numbers would transcend into nightwear easily. Hair’s relaxed and cool, while the designer opted to leave heels behind and sent the girls down in comfortable, flat sandals. We’re digging it.

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Fabric’s definitely used in a more abstract way, but that’s exactly what this designer wanted. She’s just pushing our thinking further. Using material in unconventional ways helps in fashion evolution. We love it. fdmLOVES KAROLYN PHO Fall 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.

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(Ph: Andrew Werner | FashionDailyMag)

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