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Jean Paul Gaultier AW13 Paris Fashion Week

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier returned to a familiar venue, sure decades have passed, but the Salle Wagram theater embraces celebratory nostalgia. Many internationally recognized names including: Max Vitali, Noa, Virginie Mouzat, Mademoiselle Agnes, Farida Khelfa, James Goldstein, Momo Wu, Ulyana Sergeenko were in attendance. Also worth mentioning – model (and friend of the designer) Coco Rocha came out in support.

FashionDailyMag recently featured a Glamour excerpt with Gaultier interviewing Rocha in which after Gaultier commented, “What makes you special is that you create so many different personalities. It’s boring when the models all walk exactly the same. Don’t you think?”

Jean Paul Gaultier fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 36

Rocha responded with, “That’s why all of us like doing your show. You allow us to be whoever we want. These days we’re told to walk straight, don’t move, no emotion, no nothing… I have to say that you’re one of the only designers who likes to talk to his models and ask us about our opinions and what we’re thinking.” No wonder so many familiar faces including the likes of Joan Smalls, Anais Pouliot, Julia Nobis, and the girls of the season Karlie Kloss, Daphne Groeneveld, and Lindsey Wixson to model his Fall 2013 collection.

On a twist of his renowned cone-bra, cone tops fitted to the form and ornamented with flat studs, we enjoyed the evolutionary vision. Prints were used with varying application, from more bold to muted in terms of color, and all over in simple statements to more complex patterning sometimes on multiple fabrics. Patchwork, quilting, and exaggerated collars, as well as fuzzy accents created dimension which contrasted with fluid silhouettes harmoniously. The military and moto elements weaved in throughout added an edginess that worked back into the capsule nicely, especially as outerwear.

Hairstylist Guido Palau developed Gaultier’s vision of two-toned wig topped models for the show by creating a kind of punky toupee for the occasion. For make-up Lloyd Simmonds kept it minimal save some distinctly arched dark eyebrows. The look was refreshingly different and certainly enhanced the overall styling.  How can we not love, JPG…  fdmlOVES Jean Paul Gaultier AW13 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Sarah Freiseis.


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