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INNOVATIVE beauty: MesoLyft

Keeping the good times ROLLING, it’s a new day for your face!   Skincare technology has upped their game with its new micro-needle products from MesoLyft.  The completely painless micro-needle tip rolls on the skin as it releases a light creamy texture through the pump leaving behind smoother, younger looking skin around the eyes, lips, face and neck.

Plus, the skincare is created in unique formulas using natural ingredients that improve the texture and suppleness of the skin.

mesolyft roller skin care FashionDailyMag 1

Mesolyft Lips instantly creates a luscious pout with this magic wand. The lip enhancer is carefully formulated using mango butter to condition and plump the lips. Other major ingredients make your lips feel extra soft and silky with Aloe Vera that soothes the lips after gentle exfoliation by the micro-needles.

MesoLyft Eyes Your eyelid skin is the thinnest on your face and shows the troublesome signs of aging first. Maintain the youth and beauty with MesoLyft Eye Renewal. This wrinkle relaxer works instantly like a Botox treatment with the ingredient Argireline for a much lower price of course. Use this to plump and renew the skin as Retinol and Vitamin C work double time to stimulate new collagen production.

mesolyft roller skin care FashionDailyMag 2

Mesolyft Neck

That delicate area! help restore your Neck and Décolletage with Mesolyft Neck.  Contains  dill extract and Vitamins E and C. MesoLyft Neck will increase collagen production for improved texture over time, and it works synergistically with Retinol to stimulate collagen production.

Considering how much these products do, the prices are kind of a bargain at under $80, and fit in your bag on the go.  Additionally, 5% of the proceeds go to SchoolthWorld, an organization that builds schools in underserved areas around the world.

mesolyft skincare FashionDailyMag

INNOVATIVE beauty: MesoLyft written by Nyaa Ferary.

editorial photos: @brigitte_segura .

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