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i-D Launches online with M.I.A.’s new Video in Collaboration with KENZO

catching up: is now bringing an exciting view to online fashion! The site was recently launched with M.I.A‘s new video for “Y.A.L.A (You Always Live Again)”,   the premiere of M.I.A.’s new video Y.A.L.A. (You Always Live Again), an original i-D commission in collaboration with KENZO and directed by Daniel Sannwald.

This British magazine, known as being a consistent source of inspiration in fashion culture, is now entering a  new fashion digital era.

i-D lives by the quote “Originate. Don’t imitate” and has lived to this standard surprising and inspiring even after 33 years in the editorial business. Jourdan Dunn, the current face of this Brit Mag, is “the girl that set the world on fire!” With seven standout covers under her belt, she has reached a level that rivals i-D legends Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

I-D mag launch jourdan dunn FashionDailyMag feature

With this new website launch of video series that will include story-driven original short films, documentary series and episodic content. Readers will be engaged with current fashion and 4 categories of video content: A-Z Guides gives viewers an outline of everything fashion from their favorite designers to up and coming models. More Than A Model unveils the personal lives of high fashion models showcasing them in a new light than ever before seen. Video Days reveals what fashion is to through the eyes of icons in music and fashion. Think Aloud brings up important issues surrounding fashion to provoke opinion driven conversations between readers.

Keeping the viewers enthused for fashion and music culture, the intimate setting is what sets i-D apart from other editorial outlets.  Nice move, fusing music, video and fashion… and who can resist spunky M.I.A.  as a start.  Yay to the fashion digital era! i-D Launches online featuring M.I.A.’s Video in Collaboration with KENZO written by Nia Bolling.

check out i-d Videos here.