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HOLIDAY GIFTS: the fragrant home

The holiday party season has kicked off officially, and a great way to GIFT the host of the party is with a fragrance… for the home.   Candles are perfect in the winter, their warm glow soothes the spirit, and with the right scent, anyone can kick into the right mood.   We’ve picked a few of our favorite scented pleasures to get our holiday mood on.  Great gifts for a holiday party, a hostess, a gift for the boss, or a gift for yourself to snap  you into celebrating the joy of giving.

Some my current favorites to gift, not in any order, they are all my favorites, and I am adding some more!

looks “designer,” smells like Christmas.  R. NICHOLS “glisten” candle.  I love the modern artsy  look of it, and the scent is “traditional holiday”. Perfect for the city guy or girl… a perfect reminder of the holiday and coming home.   The sophisticated package gets even better when you light it, the glow makes the artwork even more marvelous.

R NICHOLS HOLIDAY GIFTS fragrant home guide

The golden minis:  Ready to go, or gift one at a time.   These little golden TOCCA “Candela Da Viaggio Luxe” beauties come in a trio:  Chamonix + Marrakesh + Venice.  The box itself is attractive and easy to gift for moms, girlfriends, or teenage girls.    Obviously inspired by travel, thecuties are also a great size to take while travelling.  Even if your destination isn’t as amazing as the names, the golden candles will make you feel special.  Chamonix smells a bit like a holiday tree, Marrakesh has a bit of vanilla and amber, and Venice actually smells fresh, citrusy and lively. A great way to share the gift, you can gift individual ones to your girlfriends or co-workers… they look and smell that great, even for minis. [$55 for the set].

Candele da Viaggio Luxe


Fancy the tassel:  It looks like a typical home fragrance package in a tube with the oil and the sticks.  But what a beautiful surprise is inside!  a tassel in green and yellow, already scented, with a refill.   AGRARIA Tasselaire in cassis is exquisite.   Fresh, light, not too girly or overpowering, and beautiful to look at.  Perfect for the party hosted by a guy, a boss gift, or to ‘sneak’ in a fragrance on the doorknob. I never thought a scented tassel could bring such joy, but it’s so attractive and beautifully packaged…  ready to gift, or just to “hang” and linger in the study with all the dusty books. [$35 at AGRARIA]

GOLDEN romance: Golden Amberleaf ILLUME 3-wick candle is not only beautiful to look at but the scent is captivating.  Great to spice up the decor ever so slightly for the minimalist set during the holidays, both for men and women.   The fragrance is a sexy and sweet melange of cedar wood with amber, vetiver and vanilla to spice up the mood.   Perfect to gift the new date or girlfriend | boyfriend with scheduled  “alone time” for a romantic holiday moment. [$38 at b-glowing]

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The neutral mood enhancer:  “Autumn Noir” by Henri Bendel.   At a recent St. Ives event held at the McKittrick Hotel downtown, I found this candle in the big bag that I was given on the way out.  At first glance, it looks rather typical or let’s just say, “safe”.  Traditional reddish HB packaging with a white candle in a glass. Once again, I put this one out to refresh, linger, and set the mood.  Surprise!  this one is spicy, and sexy… with a little holiday-ish kick, all in a modest uptown-approved packaging.   Good winter gift for the home, for your bedroom, or to gift a couple. [$35 at Henri Bendel].


AGRARIA FashionDailyMag HOLIDAY GIFTS fragrant home guideAh, what to get for the hostess, or for the “going home” for a holiday visit: AGRARIA candle “cedar rose” in a beautiful woven crystal container.  It has the “fancy glass” look, and a light and understandable winter – holiday fragrance that comes in a pink-coral.  Maybe when visiting the future mother in law? Definitely for the fancy lady, mom, or the uptown girl. [$55 at] fdmLOVES HOLIDAY GIFTS: the fragrant home guide: A few of my current favorites to gift written by Brigitte Segura.