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Hayden Panettiere + adDRESS PROM for ALL

Hayden Panettiere has teamed up with  as campaign spokesperson for ‘Prom For All’ that launched TODAY.   the organization’s first ever prom dress donation campaign aims to get young people to collect formal dresses for girls who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

Hayden shares, “Every girl should have the chance to feel like a princess on their prom night and I’m so proud of the girls who have chosen to participate and give back! I am thrilled to be a part of such a giving and heartwarming campaign for young girls!”  check out the VIDEO below:Hayden Panettiere and do something org prom for all on FashionDailyMag

did you know? An American family with a high school student spends an average of $1,078 on prom, leaving 1 out every 4 American families unable to send their student to prom.  Prom for All rallies students to organize dress drives at their schools and in their communities and drop the dresses off at a local collection site through June 22, 2012. The dresses are then passed on to girls within that community who are in need of a dress. [Seams] easy enough, right?  “We’ve all got those dresses in our closets that we looked fabulous in once but will never wear again” said Alyssa Ruderman, campaign manager for Prom for All. ”Why not put those dresses to good use and into the hands of someone who needs them? Prom is a pretty big milestone for a teenage girl and we don’t want anyone to miss out. ”

Everyone who participates in the eight week campaign and gets their friends involved is eligible to win a $2,000 scholarship.  Other prizes include a night on the town in a limo!


We love teens. They are creative, active, wired…and frustrated that our world is so messed up. harnesses that awesome energy and unleashes it on causes teens care about. a new national campaign almost every week. The call to action is always something that has a real impact and doesn’t require money, an adult, or a car. With a goal of 5 million active members by 2015, is one of the largest organizations in the US for teens and social change. Join us at

To learn more about Prom for All, please visit or text PROM to 38383.