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HAIR HELP: super moisture for winter

from the editor: OOh feeling the windy breeze taking the life out of your hair? We long haired girls know… Here’s a regime to give your locks a super dose of moisture during the winter. We found the French hair solution at J.F. Lazartigue to help dull and dry strands go to luscious, healthy and fuller hair!  Perfect timing for the hat wearing weather.  Here’s a few step from the mask to soft styling to keep your hair in healthy check. After trying out a few regimes for winter care, here’s the super moisture care I tried that worked for my my fine to medium texture and very full head of soft curly hair.

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1. MASKS for health:

The J.F. LAZARTIGUE Masque Nourissant du Beure de Karite [Mask with Shea Butter] smells divine and does some instant magic.   Applied to damp hair before shampooing,  the mositurizing formula should be placed on the most damaged part of hair and left on for at least 2 hours.   Rinse, then shampoo like usual.  The results? get a little shine on, with soft hair that smells delicious and feels AMAZING to the touch.  I’m on to this 1 to 2 x a month in the colder months.

Another mask option:  J.F. LAZARTIGUE moisture mask pre-shampoo treatment is recommended for both dry hair and dehydrated scalps. What I love about it is that it repairs hair without weighing it down.  This mask is applied on damp or dry hair, and can be placed on the scalp, then masaaged into the hair if desired.  The result? volume from healthy roots to the ends.  This one is to help revive life while fixing the “root of the problem”.  I like alternating the Shea Butter formula to soften the strands, and the Moisturizing formula to add health and full body to my hair.

2.  WASH + CONDITION to tame:

For the cold windy season, one of my favorite new combo for dry hair is the Shampoo with Shea Butter  and the  Vita Cream with Shea Butter , especially great to detangle hair.  Though this particular formula is designed especially for thick hair, it worked on my lighter weight hair. Rich in shea butter which is known for its repairing properties, this combo helps smooth the hair strands.  The bonus prize? the vita cream conditioner helps with static electricity too.  JOY!  If your hair is more fine in texture, you can try alternating or using the Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo for fine hair and Soy Milk Strengthening Conditioner which also gives a boost of volume avoiding the limp hair.

3. STYLEd with touchable hair:

One of the amazing things about this product range is that it actually works with my curls or waves depending on the day without weighing my hair down. When I normally take charge of my curls, I often end up with a very “unnatural” texture.  But when I’m going natural, this styling range is perfect for messy, soft and very toucheable flirty hair.  Don’t try and style this into your high fashion drama hair days, this is a great style regime for shiny healthy natural looking hair. Here are my favorites to use:

Shea Butter leave-in Conditioner: I use this when i have flyaways and my hair is looking frizzy, and needs a little toning down- in the afternoon. It kind of “wets” the hair and reconditions it, plus has a very fresh scent to refresh.

I then mix the the Volumizing styling gel with Leave-in Serum with Shea Butter to shape and tame the frizz with a little shine all in one.     If more body is needed, I add more volumizing styling gel.   Last step before going out the door: the Hair Volume Tonic – the best thing ever to refresh and give volume. Spray a bit, and sort of mess around your hair to add volume. This mostly shea butter regime for winter hair care has nursed my waves back to healthier.  give your HAIR HELP: super moisture for winter written by Brigitte Segura.

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