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Guys Shoes Shine At Floris van Bommel

Zo helder! A striking men’s summer collection has been released by Dutch shoe man Floris van Bommel. The colors are so hot that the ground will simmer when guys put these on their feet. Floris, whose company goes back nine generations, personally designed all of these. All eyes will go straight to the feet when a man walks into the room with these kicks.

“Basically, we use many materials and perform many operations that make the average shoe producer snigger.” –FVB

FLORIS VAN BOMMEL summer 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 1

Although you notice the colors first, the shoe styles are also wickedly attractive. The trim Desert boot (which has made an enormous comeback from the 1960s) is featured in wild colors of purple, red and blue, along with an array of other noticeable shades. A man with a daring sense of style and outgoing personality will be dying to try these on. Also attractive is the tie Chukka boot in red, navy and tan and the colored Romeo boot with the trademark elastic gusset.

Other styles to note are the tie colored dress shoes in suede and leather, the dapper wing tips in formal and casual versions, the Oxfords in ostrich leather, the cameo sneakers and even a pair of thong sandals. Matching bright belts are also part of this collection. The different colors on the front and back are an added fun bonus. These shoes are so now, so wow, so, Europeans, go buy now! Floris van Bommel summer collection sold in select stores in The Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, and Belgium. Someone bring them to NYC!  fdmLOVES menswear FLORIS VAN BOMMEL selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa

Photos: Courtesy of Floris Van Bommel


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