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gone SUMMER blonde

Tis officially summer holiday, ya’ll!  Hows your hair holding up?  The recent hot temperature and super sunny days can give your hair the dull texture, not to mention the color fade.    Try freshening your mane with a brighter color boost + treatment for a summer-friendly hair perk.  A little brighter, softer shape + nourishing treatment!

In my case, the spring look got pale during transition well into the hot days.    I got a jump start just in time – and went shorter + more blonde – just a smidge before the holiday weekend.  I wanted a start on the sun kissed natural highlights with beachy looking hair.   Since this was the first summer in forever that I didn’t have long locks, I had a chat with my fave stylist CoCo at SalonZiba 57th to talk about how to get the hair look with my now mid-length hair.

Though I have now embraced the shorter do, mid-length curly hair comes with new issues.   My hair at shoulder length was ‘sans-plus’ – neither here nor there, and my ends were getting a bit frizzy again- especially on top.   To keep the integrity of the hair in check, we decided to brighten with some balayage on a few strands, just enough to design a beach friendly sun-kissed look before I truly hit the sun.   Seems easy, right?  not exactly.  My curly hair was transitioning and while the length was nice, the shape needed a tweek too.  We had to go shorter, so the balayage had to be precise to reach enough hair before getting the cut and shape of the curls.   This can only be achieved with an experienced eye that can guestimate without overprocessing before the cut.  Luckily,  Since CoCo had done the major chop last fall at Ziba, I was confident with his master skills.

brigitte segura hair balayage + cut curls COCO rivas Salon Ziba 2

We did a tad of overall color, then the balayage with mixed ‘natural’ colors for highlighting my multi-toned hair, followed by a deep Kerastase conditioning treatment.    Once we got the task done, we went for the cut- and alot of cut it was to shape the mid-length to a perky summer look.     The conditioning treatment kept my hair softer than just the typical post-process, and after the cut and the highlights,  we took a look at the curls.   Perky, with some bright highlights.  Though I appreciated the bright perks, I didn’t really look “natural” enough with the balayage contrasting stripes.    We decided to add a gloss with a little color mix to fuse the tones together.  The result?  flawless blonder natural looking with highlights as if I’ve been at the beach before going.  That’s a big yay.

brigitte segura hair balayage + cut curls COCO rivas Salon Ziba 1b

Though the process of all this took a nice chunk of my afternoon, it was worth it, as I didn’t actually get the opp to get the brighter look naturally indoors (do editors ever get a break?).  This was my perfect faux transition to summer beach curls… and though it took a bit of my precious time and patience,  it was worth it, and Coco worked with me until we got it just right.   Here’s what I got: soft, natural highlights, and a bouncy new summer cut- happy girl.   If you want to get the look, check out Ziba and go in for a color consultation or ask for CoCo.   And, if  you go to the salon, they are offering a special treat for FashionDailyMag girls and guys – a bonus moisturizing treatment from Kerastase like I got for my hair with any color service.

COCO RIVAS by vital agibalow Salon Ziba x FashionDailyMag 96

gone SUMMER blonde by Brigitte Segura.

Here’s CoCo BTW. Mention FashionDailyMag to Salon Ziba for the bonus prize Kerastase moisture treatment as FashionDailyMag reader… let us know if you love it!

book: Salon Ziba, 50 W. 57th st NYC, 212-767-0577. ask for CoCo. for VIP color/makeover + styling cut. @cocorivasbeauty.


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