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GLUTEN FREE snacking for the beach bag

Fashion girls snack too! for the “chip” lovers like me, here’s a few new ones to try.   Not your usual potato chip, this Gluten Free variety from Simply7® is made hummus, quinoa, lentil and pomegranate.   On a typical day as editor, I receive packages from clothing to accessories to shoes and beauty to try out.   Amongst the usual submissions, there was one very large yet light weight package I got recently.    Hmm… after opening it up, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.   Someone must have sent a memo out about my very regular “chip” habit!

Ever since I went gluten-free (not by choice) a few years ago, I’ve been reaching for chips- almost daily for snacking.   And yes, it doesn’t seem to be the healthiest food option, but gluten-free bread is not so tasty on the go, and frankly, crackers aren’t my thing- and never were.    Eating nuts and protein bars is an option, it’s still not satisfying enough to fill that salty carb on the go I seem to constantly crave.

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Of course, I tried the snacks.   I have to say I’ve never opened more than 2 bags of chips at a time, but let’s just say I had a field day testing out the varieties.   Here’s what I thought:   Some of the flavors were wonderful, some were not for me.   I’m a plain chip lover, so the sea salt variety were perfect as a start.   There were some other ones in the lentil and hummus and Quinoa including BBQ and cheese that I loved.   What I liked about these is that they are less greasy than normal chips, and have a dip-friendly shape, and the textures were fun and tasty for food on the go.

Though the lentil chip seemed like it would be a favorite, I didn’t enjoy the texture as much as the quinoa and lentil variety, which were crunchier and less “puffy”.   If you are a flavored chip lover, this is a healthier option.  The chips have no artificial ingredients or flavors, and no additives or preservatives which are typical in your flavored snack variety (look at the labels). And my favorite? Quinoa! which has a nutty flavor without the alternative healthy food after taste.

Here’s the Simply7 variety you can find in the store and put in your bag for the beach or on the go:

Hummus Chips- flavors include sea salt, spicy chili pepper, tomato bail and roasted red peppers
Lentil Chips- flavors include sea salt, bruschetta, creamy dill and jalapeno
Pomegranate Chips- flavors include sea salt, black pepper and white cheddar

Quinoa Chips- flavors include sea salt, BBQ and sour cream & onion

Additionally, the chips are kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian, and 50-percent less fat than potato chips.   What I didn’t like was the very high sodium content which is higher than some “bad for you” potato chips.   This seems to be typical in gluten free snacks and  snacks in general, but I still think less is more.  GLUTEN FREE snacking for the beach bag written by Brigitte Segura.

Available at whole foods, more info at

(ph Brigitte Segura)