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Givenchy menswear Spring 2014

Warrior paint and all, Creative Director Ricardo Tisci delivers a man who isn’t afraid to defend his turf. More 2141, Givenchy menswear for spring 2014 features a bolder silhouette that’s splattered with speakers and music studio parts, relating to the designer’s 22nd Century African tribesman. Also with a slew of sleek warrior women strutting down the runway, he brings force to the feminine looks as well.

 Givenchy Mens Spring 2014 fashiondailymag 1

Tisci broadens the shoulders, and gives the Givenchy guy an even stronger stance to claim his territory. Thick horizontal stripes covering looks from head to toe assist in the season’s wider shape. Reviving his tantalizing top heavy looks with full coats and jackets and slim leggings, the designer mixes it up with the layered patterns and pieces, for an overall optical illusion. Although from far away it may seem like a frenzied abstract, up close Tisci shows it’s all function. Blazers and button downs aren’t bland, by strapping sound system parts across the chest, making for an out of this world shield.

Givenchy menswear spring 2014

A sprinkle of shirtless looks confidently conveys the designer’s story. Although, if the closest you’ll come to the great unknown is the urban jungle, this collection will still serve you well. Plenty of crew neck sweaters are modernized with abstract portraits. Having an array of hues is a must in any man’s wardrobe, while the brand achieves it in an understated way for spring. Full coats with high necks is an updated outerwear piece that will still make for a striking impression well into the next century. Tribesman and time traveler, fdmLOVES Givenchy Spring 2014 Menswear selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Mary Anderson.

Photos: Armando Grillo | IMAXTREE | fashionwirepress