GIRLs guide to holiday jewels 2014

GIFT the season:  A batch of new jewels for the girls! A mix of great holiday sparkled necklaces + rings to wear for the special occasion or New Year! some dainty great little treasures to gift.  From Dior white gold fine jewelry butterflies and flowers, to Erickson Beamon crafty pearl jewels, to tassled flirts from Milanna, here’s a few favorites to receive and to gift!

DIOR jewelry:  “diorette” butterfly necklace + flower pendants
Freida Rothman Ring, bracelet + necklace
Bee Goddess arrow necklace at Harrods
Milanna tassel necklace + earrings, luminous pale blue petite + chunky necklaces
Erickson Beamon ring, earrings + necklace at NetAPorter.
GIRLs guide to holiday jewels 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, words by Katie Webley.

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